by Daniel Mitchell

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released March 25, 2016

'I can almost run my hands' recorded in Yamil Alejandro's studio.



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Daniel Mitchell

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Track Name: The Blues is Hard Work
Waves flow from neck down to the hand
Is this world a one-man band?
Resulting in a pop of nail
Will cultivation now fail?

Think, do, see, and eat
Contemplate, will you activate
Am I the only one to meet?
Motivate, please fill my plate

Is this world a one-man band?
In a definite myst'ry: yes and no
Forming sustaining by the work of His hand
Sovereignly enabling that which is low

We cultivate and toil
keeping life in the soil
I'm good with my limbs
keeping time for the hymns

O, soul, don't neglect to do good and to share
Be sure that the Lamb your burden will bear
Track Name: Ezer
I need you, Ezer
You complete me, Ezer
You bore me, Ezer
You give life now, Ezer

Without you there’s no image
If I must stand alone

We are not a whole body
Unless you are right there

I can’t walk anymore, Ezer
You got to be right here

I’m a human, Ezer
Cuz a you man, Ezer

You point upward, Ezer
I turn elsewhere, Ezer

It is your smile that warms me
Your presence makes me yearn

You’re a fresh wave of oxygen
Unto my shortened breath

Here me question, Ezer
Is He Lord now? Ezer

I’m drownin’ in the not yet
sea of the eschaton

And then I think of you
And I know deep down—yeah

I believe! I believe!
I know—but I don’t understand

My skeleton is melting
My brain is turn to stone

Regenerate in mercy
Breath life into this frame

Forgive me, Ezer
I have hated, Ezer

But he loves me, Ezer
Oh what kindness, Ezer
Track Name: Grape Leaves and Talking Drums
grape leaves and talking drums
the call to prayer and waters strung
unpurpled signs and fishing lines
shepherds and donkeys treading weary tells
effervescent algae and white moon powder
tahini, pima, and pulverized colors sailing into the ol’factory
fruit drops and plum jam drawing
moisterous squeaks within the cavern of flavor
ram trumpets and ceremonial gatherings
blessings and hopes, tears and longings
speech that cuts to the dull point of near hopelessness
heat that hugs enlightening pores and welcoming rest

all in adventure and enjoyment
in an attempt to learn and experience
sometimes concluding like ‘the Preacher’
at other times like Israel during Hosea’s inspiration
‘ah! the wine and oil proceeding from
the stone-faced god, the strong sustainer.’

Remember, remember the wilderness wandering
The humbling suffering and rude rebellion
Your only hope is intercession
Remember, remember the glory transcending.
Track Name: I can almost run my hands
I can almost run my hands
across the foliage hills
short straw that used to be wet
I can almost smell it from inside
teary-eyed, breathing still
sitting up, keen for more

Is that what it’s like to be big?
sort of like the giant lovers
in the elevated song
singin’ so the whole earth responds
as the others to the lovers

Man, the words, they mold my mind
but so far removed from pressure
I imagine, and I know
like the sun that dazzles the dust
and warms the beloved space

And to think that I am she
we are she
dripping myrrh, singing to Thee
this beauty is not vain
this charm will not deceive
tis fear and love
bound so tight
worthy of praise from the land

Is this what it’s like to be big?
sort of like the giant lovers
in the elevated song
singin’ so the whole earth responds
as the others to us lovers

And to think that I am she
we are she
dripping myrrh, singing to Thee
singin’ so the whole earth responds
as the others---
we are lovers
Track Name: Prayer of Invocation
Gracious Creator, we greet you
Walk with us this morning
As you once did in the garden
In the cool of the day

We hide nothing from you
And invite you to speak with us face to face
Through your Son
In the power of your Spirit
Save us, strengthen us
With your presence
Track Name: The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns
The King shall come when morning dawns
and light triumphant breaks,
when beauty gilds the eastern hills
and life to joy awakes
not, as of old, a little child,
to bear and fight and die,
but crowned with glory like the sun
that lights the morning sky.

Oh, brighter than the rising morn
when Christ, victorious, rose
and left the lonesome place of death,
despite the rage of foes
oh, brighter than that glorious morn
shall dawn upon our race
the day when Christ in splendor comes
and we shall see his face.

The King shall come when morning dawns
and light and beauty brings.
Hail, Christ the Lord! Your people pray:
come quickly, King of kings.